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home care services at home

Home care services in Saudi Arabia have grown rapidly in recent years to meet the needs of the country’s aging population and people requiring long-term care. Home care provides medical, therapeutic and daily living support to individuals in their own home, allowing them to maintain independence while still receiving quality care.

The home care industry has expanded as more Saudi families seek alternatives to nursing homes or hospitals for their elderly or disabled relatives. There are several key factors driving the rising demand for home care:

  • Aging Population – People over 60 make up around 5% of Saudi Arabia’s population as of 2020. This percentage is expected to grow significantly in coming decades, fueling needs for accessible care.

  • Increased Life Expectancy – Advances in healthcare have extended life expectancy in the kingdom. More seniors are living longer with chronic conditions requiring ongoing care and assistance.

  • Preference for Home-Based Care – Saudi culture traditionally emphasizes caring for relatives at home. Home care aligns with these preferences to age in place rather than facilities.

  • High Prevalence of Disabilities – Over 1 million Saudis live with a disability, creating needs for assistive care. Home care provides specialized support within a familiar setting.

  • Limited Facilities – With only a few nursing homes nationwide, in-home care helps fill gaps in Saudi Arabia’s long-term care infrastructure.

As the population ages and requires more care, home health services offer a vital way to serve seniors and disabled individuals while

allowing them to remain comfortably at home.

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home care services at home


Types of Home Care Services

There are several types of home care services available to meet different needs. The main categories are:

home care jeddah

Medical home care provides clinical services under the supervision of a nurse or therapist. This type of care is suitable for people recovering after hospitalization or dealing with chronic illnesses, injuries, or disabilities. Medical home care services include:

  • Skilled nursing care – Registered nurses can provide wound care, medication management, injections, disease education, and monitoring of complex health conditions.
  • Physical therapy – Physical therapists design exercise programs to improve mobility, balance, and muscle strength. They also provide rehabilitation after surgery or injuries.
  • Occupational therapy – Occupational therapists work on improving fine motor skills, cognitive functions, and completing everyday tasks.
  • Speech therapy – Speech therapists treat communication and swallowing disorders.
  • Medical social work – Social workers conduct psychosocial assessments, counseling, care coordination and discharge planning.

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Personal Home Care

Personal home care provides hands-on assistance with daily activities. It is ideal for seniors, people with disabilities, or anyone needing support. Services include:

  • Bathing and grooming – Caregivers provide bed baths, showers, oral hygiene, hair care, nail care, and dressing.
  • Toileting and incontinence care – Help getting to and from the bathroom, changing pads and briefs.
  • Feeding – Assistance with eating and drinking.
  • Mobility assistance – Helping the person move around safely at home; transfers between bed, chair, etc.
  • Medication reminders – Prompting when it is time to take prescribed medications.

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Homemaking Services

For people having difficulty with household tasks, home care aides can take care of chores to maintain a clean, tidy, and safe environment. Homemaking services include:

  • House cleaning – Vacuuming, mopping floors, sanitizing bathrooms and kitchen, dusting, taking out trash.
  • Laundry – Washing, drying, folding, ironing clothes and linens.
  • Grocery shopping and meal preparation – Buying food and ingredients, cooking healthy meals.
  • Organisation and decluttering – Organizing closets, pantries, paperwork; decluttering rooms.

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Receiving care in the comfort of one’s own home offers many advantages compared to facility-based care. Home care enables seniors and those with disabilities or illnesses to age in place, preserving their independence and familiar surroundings. This can lead to improved mental health, physical activity, appetite, and sleep quality.

Home care also reduces the risk of infections by avoiding institutional settings where illnesses spread more rapidly. Patients can maintain their normal routines and relationships instead of being isolated in a nursing home. Home care allows for more privacy and individually tailored care plans based on personal preferences.

Home care is frequently more affordable than facility-based care. Government programs and private insurance may cover some home care costs. Even without insurance, home care can cost thousands of dollars less per month compared to a nursing home. This makes it a viable option for more middle-class families.

With Saudi Arabia’s growing senior population, home care fills an important niche. It allows older adults to comfortably and safely age in place while being looked after by professional caregivers. As life expectancies rise, home care services will only increase in importance and demand across the Kingdom

home care services at home

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Home Care Regulations in Saudi Arabia

The home care industry in Saudi Arabia is regulated by the Ministry of Health to ensure quality standards are met. Here are some key regulations for home care agencies and staff:

Licensing Requirements

All home care agencies must obtain a license from the Ministry of Health to legally operate. The licensing process examines factors like:

  • Staff qualifications and training
  • Screening procedures for employees
  • Policies for managing medications and medical care
  • Procedures for handling emergencies
  • Infection control protocols
  • Liability insurance coverage

Agencies must renew their license annually to continue operating legally

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home health care in Saudi Arabia

Staff Training Requirements

Home care aides in Saudi Arabia must complete training programs approved by the Ministry of Health. Training covers topics like:

  • Basic healthcare and hygiene
  • Proper nutrition and meal preparation
  • Mobility assistance and transferring
  • Medication management
  • Communicating with healthcare professionals
  • Privacy policies and client rights

Staff must complete continuing education annually to stay up-to-date on best practices.

Quality Control Inspections

The Ministry of Health conducts periodic inspections of home care agencies to ensure compliance with regulations. Inspections cover areas like:

  • Staff credentials and background checks
  • Medication logs and healthcare records
  • Cleanliness and safety of the home environment
  • Complaints or incidents reported
  • Client satisfaction surveys

Inspectors can revoke an agency’s license if serious deficiencies are found and not corrected. Routine inspections aim to enforce quality standards for home care delivery.


home care services at home

Paying for Home Care

There are several options for paying for home care services in Saudi Arabia:


Many families choose to pay privately for home care services if they can afford it. This allows you to customize the type and level of care to your specific needs. Self-pay rates for home care aides range from 50-150 SAR per hour depending on the level of care required. Other private home care services like nursing, therapy or companionship range from 100-300 SAR per hour. Always make sure to get a detailed contract clearly outlining the services provided and associated fees.

Health Insurance Coverage

Some health insurance plans like those from BUPA Arabia and Al Rajhi Takaful provide limited coverage for home health services prescribed by a doctor. This usually includes skilled nursing care, physical therapy, or speech therapy. Contact your insurance provider to

find out what home care services are…



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